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Operation Ocean Shield is NATO’s counter piracy mission in the Gulf of Aden and off the Horn of Africa. NATO has been helping to deter and disrupt pirate attacks, while protecting vessels and helping to increase the general level of security in the region since 2008.           


NATO’s role is to provide naval escorts and deterrence, while increasing cooperation with other counter-piracy operations in the area in order to optimise efforts and tackle the evolving pirate trends and tactics. In June 2014, the North Atlantic Council extended this operation until the end of 2016. NATO is conducting counter-piracy activities in full complementarity with the relevant UN Security Council Resolutions. 

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Operation Ocean Shield News
  • News ImageDanish ship HDMS ABSALON joins NATO’s Counter-Piracy Operation OCEAN SHIELD visits Jordan 29 Sep 15
    This week HDMS ABSALON (Denmark) has joined NATO’s counter-piracy Operation OCEAN SHIELD and is en route to East Africa, following a port visit to Aqaba, Jordan
  • News ImageTurkish frigate TCG GEDIZ re-joins NATO Counter Piracy Operation 11 Jul 15
    This weekend, the Turkish Navy Frigate TCG GEDIZ (F-495) re-joined NATO’s counter piracy Operation OCEAN SHIELD, having previously supported the operation in April
  • News ImageTurkish frigate TCG GEDIZ joins NATO Counter Piracy Operation 07 Apr 15
    Yesterday, the Turkish Navy Frigate TCG GEDIZ (F-495) joined NATO’s counter piracy Operation OCEAN SHIELD.
  • News ImageTurkish Corvette TCG BUYUKADA rejoins to NATO Counter Piracy Operation 30 Mar 15
    Over the weekend, the Turkish Navy Corvette TCG BUYUKADA (F-512) joined NATO’s counter piracy Operation OCEAN SHIELD